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We at Udaan Nutrition Club offer a holistic approach towards fitness and weight loss. Our fitness program is based on an 80-20 plan, where 80% emphasis is on diet and 20% on light exercises.

Udaan Nutrition Club is based in NOIDA and provides services all over India with 90 plus countries globally. We are a group of nutrition and fitness experts as well as the wellness coaches. We help you get a healthy and fit body with the right amount of nutrition and a few physical activities. Live healthy with a fit body. Our wellness coaches have been leading club members towards a healthy life for the last 15 years.


Hietesh Sahani

My name is Hietesh Sahani and I have been a healthy and fit sports person participating in various sports activities like cricket, marathons, shooting and roller skating as a student. Till I was in my twenties I did not have a clue as to what sickness meant.

In my professional life, due to being overworked I started suffering from stress and stress related health challenges like fatigue, sleep disorder and body aches.
That’s when I got introduced to an internationally known system which shifted my focus towards a Healthy & Active Lifestyle. This changed my priorities and as a result changed everything starting from my thought process to eating habits and daily activities.
In the first 3 days of these changes my energy level changed dramatically. For a person who had crashed his car into his office gate while driving in in the morning I started getting up early. I simply couldn’t believe it. Within 14 days my fatigue, my sleep disorders and memory loss vanished.
On seeing our results our daughter also joined us and graduallystarted helping people in achieving their dreams related to their health.
It’s been 21 years since I, my wife, my daughter and other members of my family have been working on our nutrition intake through a combination of natural food, supplements healthy active lifestyle. We all are feeling great and are getting healthier every single day.
The most fortunate part is that every single day we as a family (Ourselves and our Coaches) are able to create amazing results and bring a smile along with a new hope of life amongst those who couldn’t believe that it could happen to them.

My journey started at the age of 35 years, when due to stress and work pressure I started suffering from many health challenges like Migraine and Hormonal disorders.
I had to undergo an Endometriosis operation. Jumping or Running was just like a dream for me, as I suffered from Stress Incontinence.
I realized then that “For things to change, you need to change. For things to get better, you need to get better”….quoted by Jim Rohn.
I started to follow a system which helped me change my eating habits along with adding exercise to lead a Healthy & Active Lifestyle. In the next 90 days I lost 10.4 kg Body Fat and have maintained it till date at the age of 49 yrs.
It is my passion to help people get results without strict dieting, calorie counting or strenuous hours in the Gym. We are conducting Online Programmes which can be easily followed by Anyone Anywhere.
I could get such amazing results because I had decided to START. If your ‘WHY’ is strong then the best time to get STARTED is NOW.
We can take you through your ‘HOW’ and help you achieve your Health and Weight Loss Goals.

Jyoti Sahani

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